Display Tours and Panoramas in a Gallery

What you are looking at is the Gallery Section included in all Remote Control website packages including EzTourUSA Packages.

Galleries can contain from 1 to 30 exhibits. This gallery is using 5 exhibits, however you can add, subtract, or re-arrange galleries with just a couple of clicks. Each exhibit can display a standard .gif/.jpg image or a Tour/Panorama created in PhotoVista, EggSolutions/HomeTour360 or Ipix.

Just a couple of clicks and the image or tour file is copied from your PC to the appropriate exhibit in the gallery. No HTML, javascript, or other programming is needed. It's all taken care of automatically and instantly.

All you need to do then is enter your descriptions and relevant text and your are done. No additional charges, no waiting.

As you can see, this area remains visible as you advance from one photo exhibit to the next, however the description area under each photo exhibit is unique to that exhibit.

Remote Control lite version website packages contain one gallery such as this one.

Remote Control Pro+ and EzTourUSA version website packages allow you to create additional galleries, which are displayed in a showcase. You can even create additional showcases, each with their own unique galleries. All with just a couple of clicks!

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