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It's easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Select your package,

2. Complete the secure online order form.

3. Relax! - We do all the rest.

We will install and test your site. Next a site coordinator will contact you and schedule a personal, one to one orientation to familiarize you with the Remote Control page editing capabilities and get you on your way.

Choosing the Right Package - Your style is one of a kind. Select the Remote Control package that fits your requirements to create and maintain your distinctive online image!
RC - Professional Plus Package: - Advanced lead generation tools! Listing Showcase - Included in Pro Plus Package
IDX - Broker Repricity MLS Search Tool

Your web site comes pre-built and ready for you to personalize. The innovative three-frame design helps to ensure easy navigation by keeping priority information easily accessible.

Intended for Agents who want to be in charge of their own Internet marketing strategy.

The Real Estate Series Remote Control website packages are designed to let you take advantage of all the services available to today's Real Estate Agent while keeping your website completely independent and under your control.

This allows for versatility and choices between Brokers, companies, ISPs and other providers without effecting your core Internet strategy.

Now Included "IdxWare" - Broker Repricity MLS Search Tool with Market Watch! *

Both packages include the Remote Control self-administered service, which allows web site owners to make changes easily, immediately and at no additional cost.

Great care has been taken to ensure that your potential clients, or visitors of your Remote Control web site, can accurately and efficiently view your web site using a wide range of browsers, computers and connection speeds. This makes your listings and services available to the widest possible audience-expert Internet users and novices alike.

View Actual Customer Websites Click Here!

* IdxWare included if available in your MLS. Broker approval required.

- Advanced lead generation tools!

'Professional Plus
Remote Control Professional Plus

All the features of the Lite package see above plus expandability. Add pages with a click of the mouse -- at no extra cost. Provides true web site flexibility.

Includes "IdxWare" - Broker Repricity MLS Search Tool with Market Watch! *

Only $44.95 per month with a one-time $399 set-up.
Limited Time Only! Special Price $199!
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Still Not Sure? 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

* IdxWare included if available in your MLS. Broker approval required.

Professional Plus Package - Advanced Features

  • Add pages with a click of the mouse -- at no extra cost. Expand your web site as needed, up to hundreds of pages. Select from multiple page layouts and combine interactive forms. Just select the page style you want and with the click of your mouse, a new page is created. You can end up with hundreds of pages. It's that easy!

  • SHOWCASE MODULE! See below!

    Plus! - Additional Included Page Templates:

  • Services Page - We refer to this page as an "Services" page, however you can use it for whatever is right for you. It can be displayed an many variations.
    - Services Page - How it comes
    - Services Page - Sample Use

  • Staff Page - We refer to this page as an "Staff Page" page, however you can use it for whatever is right for you. This page can have up to 4 images/photos and unlimited text. It can be displayed in many variations. The page you are now viewing was created using the "Staff Page" template.
    - Staff Page - How it comes
    - Staff Page - Sample Use 1
    - Staff Page - Sample Use 2

  • Quick Sale Form - Sometimes a website visitor just wants to sell their home quickly and not fill out a bunch of long forms. This is a down and dirty form intended for just that very customer.
    - Quick Sale Form Page - View Here

  • Sales Comparable Request Form - A great way to get leads from website visitors. This form allows the viewer to request Sales Comparables for their personal or rental income property.
    - Sales Comparable Request Form - View Here

  • Buyer Needs Form - A great form designed to let the potential buyer visiting your site tell you what their specific needs and hot buttons are.
    - Buyer Needs Form - View Here

  • Mortgage Calculator - Many buyers don't have access to a easy to use mortgage calculator. Another reason for them to come back to your site again and again!
    - Mortgage Calculator - View Here

  • 10 True E-mail Accounts - The "Professional" package includes 10 true pop3 e-mail accounts with the option to add even more when you need. You can have multiple addresses such as...

    Each with their own passwords. Easily managed using the same Remote Control functionality as the rest of your site.
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    - Included in Pro Plus Package
    Showcase Module!

    The Professional Plus', our most powerful package now includes the Showcase Module.

    Showcase modules can be used to display hundreds of pages of listings and photos in a easy to navigate and organized fashion. No additional charges even as you add hundreds of new pages and photos.

    Get the Professional Plus' web site package, now including the Showcase module! Only $44.95 per month with a one-time $399 set-up.
    [Order Professional Plus Package]

    Still Not Sure? 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

    * IdxWare included if available in your MLS. Broker approval required.


  • Showcase Feature - Create multiple listing/photo galleries and display them in a showcase. Ideal for displaying photos, amenities, or listings in organized categories. You can also use a showcase as a resume of properties you have sold in the past. A showcase can contain multiple photo/listing galleries. Each photo/listing gallery can contain dozens of photo exhibits. A great way to easily display hundreds of listings or photos is an organized, easy to navigate format.

    - View a sample Showcase
    - View a more extensive Showcase

  • Add Additional Showcases- Create additional showcases. This adds even more versitility, giving you the ability to organize and display information and photos on hundereds more homes. All for no aditional charge!
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    - Broker Repricity MLS Search Tool

    IdxWare MLS Search Tool
    Already have a Website?

    WonderWebUSA now brings the power of live MLS property searches to your personal website. Regardless of who you choose to provide your website services, an WonderWebUSA IDX solution will work for you!
    Learn More Click Here!

    Add the power of a live MLS search engine to your existing website. Works with any existing website. Doesn't need to be a WonderWebUSA site. Ideal if your current site supports page framing.

    So affordable. Only a $95 setup fee and $29.95 per month, (Agent Version), billed directly to your MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Card.

    No contracts. You can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice.
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