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Compare features and functions. IdxWare, developed by WonderWebUSA, offers features and agent selectable search options not available in other products.

Included Advanced Features

  • Live MLS Search Visitiors to your website will have a reason to return again and again if your site features Live MLS search. Promote this feature in all your conventional marketing efforts to drive people to your site, and come back.

  • Home Finder - Customers visiting your IdxWare search page can signup to receive automated e-mail notifications based upon search criteria of theirs or your choosing. You can setup customers yourself to receive these notifications. Great for up calls! You can also choose to receive a Bcc e-mail each time one of your contacts gets their new listing e-mail notification. This allows you to follow up quickly.

  • Value Tracker NEW - Value Tracker sends an automated e-mail message to each contact whenever a property comes on the market in their neighborhood. All you need to do is to enter any contacts name, tract code, and e-mail address into your IdxWare system. Enter anyone that you think might need your real estate services in the future, or who might refer you business. You only need to enter them once and Value Tracker does the rest. It's is so easy and yet so powerful.

    Just about everyone wants to know the details on a newly listed property in their neighborhood. Now, instead of calling the agent on the sign, they hear from you, with the details, all automatically. When they or someone they know needs real estate services, they can't help but think of you.

  • Agent Control - As the agent, you have many choices on how your IdxWare is setup. This allows you to control the choices available to the public. See below for details!
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    Compare before you choose your Idx provider. Not all Idx systems are the same! We think the choice will be easy. IdxWare!

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    Search Page

    Opening Search Page

    The opening search page is planned for ease of use. The search fields are the most accurate in a multiple listing database, and the most frequently requested. This increases the chance that properties are not missed due to inaccurate or inconsistent MLS or public input.

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  • Add Photo or Logo
  • Personalize Contact Info

    Choose Quick Search Options
  • Personal Listings
  • Office Listings
  • Map to Office

    Public Search Options
  • Limit Searchable Cities from all available MLS

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    Search Results and Detail Page

    Easy to Read Search Results Summary
    The search results page makes it easy to quickly preview the matching properties. The user can easily modify the search using the right column search fields.

  • Easy for the viewer to preview matching properties and their basic features.

  • Easy to refine the search directly from this page.

  • Easy to save the search parameters for later use or automated new listing notification.

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  • Summary Search Results

    Property Detail Page

    Public Search Options
    Here is where IdxWare really shines. You can control many of the features visible to the public.

    No two agents have the same style. With IdxWare, you get to choose the features that best compliment your business objectives. Who better than you knows what you want?

    You decide if you want to:
  • Require Login?
  • Searchable Listings?
  • Searchable Cities?
  • Display Office Map Link? - Which Service?
  • Display Property Map Link? - Which Service?
  • Display Schools Info Link?
  • Display Community Info Link?
  • Display Office Listings Link?
  • Display Personal Listings Link?
  • Display Weather Link?
  • Display Connect4info link? (requires seperate Connect4Info account)

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    Consumer & Agent Administration

    Public Account Management

    Personal Account Creation
    With IdxWare your clients, both buyers and sellers, can easily create private accounts for themselves. This makes it easy for them to save properties of interest. They can also save search criteria, up to three different searches. They can even keep personal notes to help them keep track of the properties and searchs. You also have the option to require visitors to your site to create an account for themselves in order to use the search functions.

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    Automated E-mail Notification
    At the option of each individual account holder, IdxWare will automatically e-mail them whenever new properties become available matching the saved search of the account holder. You are also notified so you can follow up. The frequency of the e-mail notifications, and even the day of the week, can be controlled by each account holder.

    Account holders can also e-mail their saved properties to others, or directly to you their agent.

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    Manage You IdxWare
  • Easily manage your personal contact information.
  • Review all the account holders, their saved searches and properties.
  • Manage and edit the text of the automated e-mail notifications to meet your personality.
  • View the e-mail addresses of the account holders for easy migration to your contact management programs or e-mail lists.
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    Pricing & MLS Availability

    IdxWare is included in all WonderWebUSA's website packages, or you order it separately for use with your current website

    IdxWare Only - Use with your current website: $29.95/month plus a one time $95 setup charge.

    No contracts. You can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice. Works with most web sites. Requires your broker's approval. Your IdxWare will take 2 busness days to setup once we have broker approval.

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    Idx services are currently available for agents and offices who are members of these MLS's

    California -
  • CRISNET - Southland Regional Association of Realtors. - Sample - Click Here
  • REINFOLINK - Bay Area - Sample - Click Here

    Tennessee -
  • GSMAR - Greater Smokey Mtn. Assoc. of Realtors - Sample - Click Here

    RealTracs Associations: MTRMLS Middle Tennessee Regional MLS- Sample - Click Here
  • GNAR - Greater Nashville Association of REALTORS®
  • CAR - Clarksville Association of REALTORS®
  • EMTAR - Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS®
  • MTAR - Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS®
  • RCAR - Robertson County Association of REALTORS®
  • SMTAR - Southern Middle Tennessee Board of REALTORS®
  • SCAR - Sumner County Association of REALTORS®
  • WCAR - Williamson County Association of REALTORS®

    North Carolina
  • JBOR - Jacksonville Association of REALTORS® - Sample - Click Here

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